corporate governance

Primary Opinion’s Directors recognise the need for a high standard of behaviour and accountability, and support good corporate governance practices. The Board considers that adequate measures have been taken in the areas of board structure and responsibility definition, timely and adequate disclosure for the best interests of shareholders, minimising risk by reinforcing internal controls, as well as overall compliance with the ASX Listing Rules.

The ASX has issued its principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations (“ASX Recommendations”) and Primary Opinion`s practices comply with the Council`s best practice recommendations.

A top level description of the Company’s main corporate governance practices is set out below:

  • Lay Solid Foundations for Management and Oversight
  • Structure the Board to Add Value
  • Promote Ethical and Responsible Decision Making
  • Safeguard Integrity in Financial Reporting
  • Make Timely and Balanced Disclosure
  • Respect the Rights of Shareholders
  • Recognise and Manage Risk
  • Remunerate Fairly and Responsibly